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Study name: FEED1                            Status: Recruiting patients

A randomised controlled trial of full milk feeds versus intravenous fluids with gradual feeding for preterm infants (30-33 weeks gestational age)


Lead Investigator:

Dr Shalini Ojha

What is the study about?

The FEED1 study aims to find the best way to feed babies born between 30-33 weeks gestational age. We will be investigating whether giving full milk feeds from day 1 can reduce the length of hospital stay, in comparison to intravenous fluids with gradual milk feeding.

Babies are entered into the study within 3 hours of birth to allow milk feeding to start as soon as possible. As well as assessing when the baby is discharged from hospital, we will be following up babies at 6 weeks corrected age to find out about how they are feeding, and at 2 years corrected age to complete a neurodevelopment assessment.

Who can take part in the study?

Babies born between 30 to 33 weeks gestation

What is being tested in the study?

Full milk feeds

What is this being compared to?

Parenteral nutrition/intravenous fluids and gradual milk feeds

What are we trying to find out?

Primary outcome is length of hospital stay, from birth to discharge from neonatal care.

How many patients do we need?



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