The Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit has expertise in the core competencies required for design and conduct of high-quality, high-impact trials: including experienced trialists, trial management, data management and systems programming, statistics, health economics and quality assurance. 

We also collaborate with health professionals and researchers to conduct clinical research studies using other research methodologies. For example, conducting extensive scoping work required before a clinical trial is conducted.  

In addition to our growing portfolio of clinical trials and other clinical research studies, we design and conduct methodological studies that focus on improving the design and conduct of clinical trials.  

Many of our staff are highly experienced in the design and conduct of clinical trials and we therefore offer a training programme of short courses, focusing on providing training to individuals interested in learning how to design and conduct clinical trials. Our short course programme can be accessed here: Short Courses 

The UK Trial Managers' Network (UKTMN) is hosted by us and we also have strong links with other leading groups including the UKCRC-registered Clinical Trials Unit and the MRC-NIHR Trials Methodology Research Partnership.


Our strategy

Our strategy

Our aim is to provide a flourishing and supportive environment for world leading clinical trials research that aligns with the University of Nottingham Faculty of Medicine and Health Science’s Strategic Plan, the School of Medicine’s Research Strategy (2019 to 2021), and local and national NHS research priorities. Our strategic priorities are supported by a delivery plan, overseen by the NCTU Executive Committee and its sub-committees:

  • To conduct high-quality, high-impact randomised trials that address important questions to improve health and wellbeing
  • Develop the skills and careers of people interested in clinical trials by providing a supportive research environment, growing capacity for the future
  • Contribute to methodological research to improve the quality and efficiency of trials



Our structure

NCTU is part of the School of Medicine, within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Nottingham. The Unit is led by the NCTU Director, Professor Alan Montgomery, Professor of Clinical Trials and Medical Statistics, with support from Deputy Director, Professor Jane Daniels, Professor of Clinical Trials, and the NCTU Executive Group. 

There are three sub-committees, supporting the activities of NCTU:  

  • Research and Knowledge Exchange (RKE), led by Professor Ed Juszczak, Professor of Clinical Trials 
  • Education, led by Dr Eleanor Mitchell, Associate Professor of Clinical Trials and NCTU Teaching and Learning lead 
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), led by Mrs Trish Hepburn, Senior Medical Statistician and NCTU EDI lead
Our structure

The NCTU Operations Group are responsible for the day-to-day running of the research portfolio, and comprises the leads from each of the NCTU teams. They meet regularly and report to the NCTU Executive Group.  

Requests for new collaborations are considered by the Collaboration Proposals Group who meet on a regular basis. More information about collaborating with us can be found here: Collaborate with us.





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