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BOTS - Blinding of trial Statisticians

BOTS is a collaborative project involving researchers from several UK CTUs and led by NCTU. It is funded by the NIHR to develop risk-proportionate guidance to blinding of statisticians in clinical trials.


British Orthopaedic Association - developing trauma and orthopaedic trials in the UK

The British Orthopaedic Association (BOA) has identified the need to increase clinical trials research in trauma and orthopaedics in the UK.  Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit has been awarded funding from the BOA to support the development of T&O trials.



Bump2Baby Parents Voices in Research is an online group for parents and expectant parents to get involved in the research we do on pregnancy, childbirth and infant healthcare.  Bump2Baby group members will hear from researchers and be able to chat to parents and other researchers about the questions they think need answering.  The group will be run through Facebook and Instagram.


Centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery 

The centre for Evidence Based Hand Surgery (CEBHS) is a collaboration between the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, working with patients and the wider community of all those involved in hand surgery care. The CEBHS core membership includes staff from Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit.


FACTS: Flourishing As Clinical Trial Staff

Global Health Research

We are currently working on a number of studies with international partners focussing on the area of newborn global health.


Improving quality of care and outcome at very preterm birth

Very Preterm Birth Programme

Improving Quality of Care and Outcome

Very Preterm Birth Programme

Improving Quality of Care and Outcome

The research programme is funded by the National Institute for Health Research. It is a five year programme that began in 2011. The research is looking at early health care and treatment for very preterm babies. Its aim is to improve the care given to babies born before thirty two weeks gestation and their families.


Performance Metrics in Multicentre Randomised Trials

This study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research as part of a call for research to improve efficient trial delivery.  The aim of the study is to identify and agree a core set of trial site performance metrics and create a simple reporting tool for managing multicentre trials.


 RAFT: Reporting Factorial Trials 

The RAFT (Reporting Factorial Trials) is a collaborative project, funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC) to develop SPIRT and CONSORT extensions for factorial trials.


Very Preterm Birth Programme

Improving Quality of Care and Outcome


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