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Trial Name:  A radomised controlled trial of standard and low dose Avastin® for Neovascular Macular Degeneration in the East Midlands (TANDEM).

Chief Investigator:  Alexander Foss, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Trial Description:  Wet, or neovascular age-related, macular degeneration causes severe sight loss in older people. It is a common condition, with about 25,000 newly affected people each year in the UK. Treatment with Lucentis® (Ranibizumab) or Eyelea® (Afibercept) is now recommended best practice. Although they prevent sight loss in 90% of patients with wet macular degeneration when given as injections into the eye, Lucentis® and Eyelea® are both quite expensive. Another drug, which has similar properties to Lucentis® is Avastin® (Bevacizumab). Avastin® is currently licensed for colorectal cancer therapy but can also be used for wet macular degeneration, and is a cheaper alternative to Lucentis®.

This is a factorial trial comparing standard versus low-dose Avastin®, and monthly versus two-monthly review intervals. Recruitment finished on 31 October 2016 with a total of 812 randomised participants. The primary outcome is time to treatment failure.  Following additional work on the verification of the primary endpoint, result analysis was completed in 2019.

Contact:  Beki Haydock

Funding:  NHS England and Care Commissioning Groups

Status:  Analysis and Reporting

Publications:  2015-5

Further Information:  Email Beki Haydock (Trial Manager)



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