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Study name: POSNOC                             Status: Ongoing data collection

POsitive Sentinel NOde: Adjuvant therapy alone versus adjuvant therapy plus Clearance or axillary radiotherapy. A randomised controlled trial in women with early stage breast cancer (POSNOC) 


Lead Investigator:

Mr Amit Goyal, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

What is the study about?

Standard practice currently dictates that axillary (armpit) treatment be given to breast cancer patients. However, it is possible that this axillary treatment is not necessary. In POSNOC, women with unifocal or multifocal invasive breast cancer who have one or two sentinel nodes with macrometastases will be randomised to have axillary treatment or no axillary treatment. The primary outcome of the trial is axillary recurrence within 5 years.

Who can take part in the trial?

Women 18 or over with invasive breast cancer with a lesion ≤5cm in its largest dimension, with one or two sentinel nodes with macrometastases. 

What is being tested in the trial?

Adjuvant therapy alone

What is this being compared to?

Adjuvant therapy plus axillary treatment (axillary node clearance or axillary radiotherapy).

What are we trying to find out?

Whether adjuvant therapy alone is no worse than adjuvant therapy plus axillary treatment, in terms of axillary recurrence within 5 years.

How many patients do we need?



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