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The research programme is made up of ten projects that make up five overall 'work packages' These vary in duration and timing within the programme. They are based in several different institutions.

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Using the Priority Setting Partnership methods developed by the James Lind Alliance this project aims to identify and prioritise important clinical uncertainties relevant to preterm birth.
This project is undertaking a series of systematic reviews and overviews of immediate care, assessment & transitional support for very preterm infants.
A narrative review will be produced of the ethical issues involved with approaching parents of very premature babies to be involved in research.
Health care professionals and managers in hospitals that offer care at the bedside will be asked their views about current practice in their unit. 
Parents' experiences and views of initial care at the bedside and at the side of the room will be explored through interviews and surveys.


This study is based in 3 sites and is measuring placental transfusion of preterm babies whilst keeping the cord intact for up to 5 minutes.

The BASICS team are developing a simple mobile trolley to provide initial care of preterm infants at the bedside and while the umbilical cord is intact.
A second part of the BASICS project involves the assessment of the trolley in a study that will take place at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

This pilot trial will assess whether a large NHS trial comparing deferred cord clamping & initial care at the bedside with current practice will be feasible.

This project will form an international collaborative group of all those involved in planned or on-going trials of timing of cord clamping.




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