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FACTS: Flourishing As Clinical Trial Staff 


The FACTS study team are working with clinical trial staff to develop guidance for Clinical Trials Units (CTUs) to help them improve workplace wellbeing (flourishing). To run clinical trials efficiently, specialist trial staff are key. Flourishing is important, not only to improve job satisfaction of trial staff, but also to create an empowered and well-supported team who can efficiently run clinical trials. Flourishing could ensure staff continuity and subsequently, consistency in protocol delivery, site management, participant recruitment etc.


Study Outline
The study comprises three work packages:

Work Package 1 (WP1) - Online Survey

The survey consists of tick box questions collecting demographics and information on flourishing at work. It also includes validated measures of job satisfaction, as well as few open-ended items.



  • Identify current levels of flourishing and job satisfaction in CTU staff.
  • Assess the relationship between interpersonal and intrapersonal flourishing and job satisfaction.
  • Identify awareness and satisfaction of wellbeing policies.
  • Assess how job demands and organisational resources relate to flourishing.
  • Identify the pathways that lead to high levels of flourishing at work.


Work Package 2 (WP2) - Online Focus Group

Small online focus group discussions will be held covering topics such as improving and developing workplace wellbeing models.



  • Collate and assess current workplace wellbeing models/policies and their provision to support staff flourishing.  


Work Package 3 (WP3) - Guidance Development

In WP3, the focus group participants will be invited to provide feedback on guidance development via a brief online survey. The study team will synthesise the results of the previous work packages and the WP3 survey with the aim to develop guidance for CTUs to improve staff wellbeing.



  • Develop Flourishing As Clinical Trial Staff (FACTS) guidance.


Research Team

The study Chief Investigator is Dr Sophie Hall.

The co-investigators are:
Ms Kirsty Sprange, Dr Eleanor Mitchell, Prof Pamela Hagan, Dr Louise Thomson, Ms Lucy Carr, Dr Jodi Taylor, Prof Alan Montgomery.

The study researcher is Ms Jenny Riga.



The project is funded by the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR) Efficient Studies Funding.


Study Documents

FACTS Study Protocol
FACTS WP1 Participant Information Sheet (PIS)


Study Updates

  • We are about to open to recruitment for the online survey (WP1). The survey can be completed on desktop, laptop, tablet or via mobile.
    The link will be posted here once the survey is live.





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