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Providing health care which is both effective and personal is really important.  One way to do this is by involving the people who receive this care, and their families, in designing and running health research projects.

We've set up the Bump2Baby online group to make it easy for parents and expectant parents to get involved in the research we do on pregnancy, birth and babies.  We're a group of researchers at the University of Nottingham, and our projects cover hospitals and NHS trusts all over the UK.

Bump2Baby group members will hear from researchers about their work and chat to other parents and researchers about the pregnancy, birth and baby questions you think need answering.  We can answer your questions on how health research works and feeds into improving care.

The group will be run through Facebook and Instagram.  We're not asking you to make a huge commitment - you can decide how much you'd like to become involved.  Most chats will be done online by commenting on posts, though you might also be invited to take part in some "live" online chats too.

Hearing parents views in our research is hugely important to us.  Please tell your friends about the group - access to the group can be found here:






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